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Hot Applied & Pourable Polymer Modified Asphalt

BPS/Mastic is a hot applied, pourable, aggregate filled, black color, polymer modified asphalt pavement repair mastic. BPS/Mastic is used for durable, cost effective sealing, filling and repairing of many distresses in both asphalt concrete and concrete pavements, that are larger than those typically repaired by crack or joint sealing, but smaller than repairs requiring expensive remove and replace patching procedures.

Typical uses include sealing, filling and leveling of wide transverse or longitudinal cracks and joints, filling potholes and utility cuts, localized skin patch repairs, repairs prior to surface treatments, and leveling exposed pavement structures otherwise exposed to plowing damage.

BPS/Mastic forms a well-bonded, flexible, durable, traffic resistant repair. This material is formulated to provide neat, feathered edge installation. BPS/Mastic is ready for traffic within minutes. With a Five-Year limited warranty, BPS/Mastic extends pavement life – and your pavement budget.

BPS/Mastic can be used almost year round. The area must be dry and above 40 degrees. The maximum depth in one application of mastic is 2.5” with a total depth no greater than 8”.